About SageSistas

About SageSistas

SageSistas was born from the vision of our founder, Alissa, nestled in the heart of the beautiful community of Dahab, Sinai. Inspired by the spirit of this tranquil oasis in the Sinai desert, SageSistas is more than a movement—it's a call to women everywhere to reclaim sisterhood and tap into ancient wisdom that has been overshadowed by the fast pace of modern life. Our mission is to foster a space where women can heal, unleash their wild nature, and rediscover the power of communal wisdom.

At the core of Sage Sistas is the belief that women are innate custodians of wisdom and connection. Throughout history, they've been key to nature, healing, and community, yet centuries of societal shifts have obscured much of this essential knowledge. Sage Sistas emerges as a beacon for reclaiming lost wisdom and reigniting the sacred sisterhood, urging us to embrace our power, heal historical wounds, and light the way for future generations.

Sisterhood and Ancient Wisdom

Heal and Be Wild Again

Podcast #2: The Mission of Sage Sistas: Why do we need to reclaim Ancient Wisdom and Sisterhood?
The podcast episode introduces Sage Sistas, a platform dedicated to reclaiming and promoting ancient female wisdom and fostering a sense of global sisterhood. Alissa discusses the historical context in which women, traditionally the keepers of essential wisdom and deeply connected to nature, were persecuted, leading to a significant loss of

Sage Sistas is in the exciting process of curating a Book of Wisdom, drawing from the rich tapestry of our community's shared wisdom, experiences, and healing practices. We're calling on you—our vibrant members—to contribute your unique stories, enlightening experiences, or empowering practices. Whether through written narratives, videos, audio clips, or podcasts, your voice is invaluable to us. Your contributions will not only inspire and support others on their paths but also weave a stronger bond within our sisterhood. Join us in this collaborative endeavor to create a repository of wisdom where every story is valued and every voice contributes to our collective enlightenment.