Podcast #2: The Mission of Sage Sistas: Why do we need to reclaim Ancient Wisdom and Sisterhood?

Podcast #2: The Mission of Sage Sistas: Why do we need to reclaim Ancient Wisdom and Sisterhood?

The podcast episode introduces Sage Sistas, a platform dedicated to reclaiming and promoting ancient female wisdom and fostering a sense of global sisterhood. Alissa discusses the historical context in which women, traditionally the keepers of essential wisdom and deeply connected to nature, were persecuted, leading to a significant loss of knowledge and a disconnect from our roots. Sage Sistas seeks to address this by rebuilding communal values and empowering women through shared wisdom and support.

Envisioned as a comprehensive resource for women, the platform offers stories of resilience, knowledge exchange, and practices like breathwork, meditation, and yoga through various channels including YouTube, podcasts, blogs, and audio files. All content is planned to be accessible for free, with the goal of fostering a conscious way of life and healing generational traumas linked to the persecution of wise women in history.

Alissa further outlines the broad scope of topics Sage Sistas covers, including holistic health, herbalism, natural remedies, regenerative farming, and the importance of community and connectedness. She emphasizes the transformative power of sisterhood and community in healing and supporting women, aiming to create a space where ancient wisdom is revived and shared for the benefit of all.

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Ultimately, Sage Sistas is presented as a movement towards a more connected, conscious, and empowered way of living, grounded in ancient wisdom and the strength of sisterly bonds. Alissa calls for contributions and participation from the community, underlining the importance of collective effort in this healing and empowering journey.

Healing the Witch Wound: Historical Context and Practical Healing Tips
In the tapestry of human history, few narratives are as haunting and profoundly misunderstood as the story of the witch. These figures, often women, who wielded their deep connection to the natural world, wisdom, and healing abilities, have been both revered and reviled. The witch wound is a term that

Episode Transcript:

Hello dear listeners. I'm so happy to be back for another episode of Sage Sisters podcast. Today we're going to be talking about what Sage Sisters is.

There were so many questions and so many lovely women had interest about the topic. And what is it all about? So I hope I will be able to break everything down for you. Today I'm solo, and I hope I will be able to answer all the important questions for you.

So let's dive straight in. Sage Sisters in its core, I would say, is kind of a wisdom book. It aims to reclaim and promote ancient female wisdom, which was really, in my opinion, taken from us, during the times when witches were prosecuted because women were traditionally the keepers of wisdom, of ancient wisdom, of essential wisdom, of wisdom which is connecting us to nature.

This was such a horrifying time which went over like several centuries. So much wisdom was lost. So much wisdom about all the topics which are very basic kind of was lost for us. And it feels like we became almost like a species with amnesia which doesn't really know its purpose and why we're here and what is all good for.

So it's really about reclaiming this wisdom and rebuilding communal sisterhood values because I think this is the main two themes of Sage Sisters. It's ancient wisdom and sisterhood because when women are connected and build a sacred circle basically then very powerful things are at play here, natural powers which is very beneficial to the community, very beneficial to the women which are involved.

So back in the day, women who had a very strong sacred sisterhood and sacred circle within the villages, they were able to be kind of almost invisible to enemies, their harvest would be better, they would have more babies in their community.

So there's definitely something going on when women are getting together. Maybe you also know this from your personal experience that when you're getting back, when you're getting together with women that you feel somehow healed after you came back, more relaxed, you feel more balanced, you feel just supported.

Like honestly, the support you get from women is unmatched in its quality and potential from what you can get from anybody else, let's say. So yes, there's definitely a very strong factor to women bonds, especially the women circles, which I really wanna get back somehow and create a global sisterhood where women feel connected, even if it's, I mean, not even, but mainly probably like an online community, but also reaching out locally and connecting getting sisters, because we are like right now living in a highly individualized.

world where everybody's just like covering their own ass and it's just very hard to to even connect I mean I'm hearing my friends from the Western world and they they barely meet their friends they really have friends anymore maybe maybe that's not about you but even if you want to meet someone sometimes it takes weeks to see them and it's not a regular thing where you live in a tribe type of type of community where your sisters are breastfeeding your babies where you can just like drop them when you need something exchange food all of these things are somehow I would say for the majority especially for the Western world but also other places were kind of gone so and fertility is going down therefore and because it's hard because I really don't believe that a woman is supposed to raise her kids on her own it's very very difficult I think that historically we were supposed to raise kids as a village like this is where the saying is from it takes a village to raise a child because the village is supposed to raise the child they're supposed to support the woman and the child is supposed to get lots of inputs about from from different people and how it works in different families I have an podcast episode about that also takes a village to raise a child so feel free to to listen to that so that with the book I mentioned it basically contains stories of women who overcame certain challenges which need which are really inspiring.

I really want to have them here in the podcast or in terms of informal videos. Stories by women, this is a very important part. Then knowledge, like women sharing their knowledge, also in terms of informal podcast, depending on what these women really want to do.

If they want to do a video, of course, a video might be beautiful here in the desert of Egypt where we are located in the Sinai desert. This would be, of course, lovely to have a beautiful video. We are planning to have a YouTube channel.

We are planning, like the main four channels would be YouTube, podcast, blog, and like an audio channel with audio files. Mainly for practice, I mean here, breath work exercises, meditation exercises, yoga, audio exercises.

For now I want also to have everything free. We have an amazing team of people who hopefully are going to produce content for us on a regular basis. We're planning to populate all of these channels for you to enjoy for free as part of this wisdom book which I'm trying to retrieve back and give it back to the people.

So essentially it's basically kind of like promoting a more conscious way of life, how my beautiful friend Hindi put it and I hope also to get her on the podcast telling her an amazing story. So yeah, a conscious way of life, like how can we have a more conscious way of life?

And there's so many different ways of doing it. There's not one way and all of us are different and there's so many things you can do and there's so many things from how you can approach it. So there's not one right way.

Certain people like meditation, certain people don't like meditation, certain people like prayer, yoga, cooking, everything really works. Dancing, everything works. Everything can bring you closer to your natural essence.

Everything within the scope of this wisdom book basically can help you to heal the witch wound, to heal this generational trauma which was put upon us a couple hundred years ago and we don't talk about it anymore.

We do not learn about it in school. The only place I learned it in school was like in New Zealand. For some reason when I did a couple months high school there, this is where I learned it, I remember, but really in school I didn't learn that for hundreds of years.

of years systematically, every woman who had some type of knowledge about nature, about the world, every woman who had some type of influence in form of having land, having a house, in form of having a community influence, like holding a community, leaders of the community, were burned or drowned for centuries.

Imagine what this does to the woman, female spirit in a way of speaking up and just expressing themselves. Of course, everything is going to be suppressed, hidden, this knowledge will be lost, books were burned.

So yeah, this is, we don't talk about it, we don't talk about it that what it actually does to us. And today we are... Talking about feminist values and about patriarchy, however, I would say that the least of feminists I have talked with I actually know and are aware of the witch wound in the form of that this is something which needs to be addressed and acknowledged.

I did a beautiful post about the witch wound based on Maria's. This is Maria. It's a wonderful channel. I can recommend you watching on YouTube. Beautiful explanation of what's the witch wound and how this really has an effect on us until today.

Because I feel, I remember how I felt myself when I learned about the witch wound. I felt like, oh, how is this relevant today? This was hundreds of years ago. However, I guess in hundreds of years the Holocaust will be still relevant for the Jews.

Therefore, it's in the same way kind of like this trauma which is going to be transferred to the next generations. Ultimately, of course, the goal is to be more connected with yourself and the universe and ultimately God and know your purpose, know why you're here.

And this is supposed to bring light into all the important things which they don't teach us at school. We've outsourced almost every aspect of our life, starting with cooking, birthing, medicine, schooling.

And I'm not sure from what I realized that since we've outsourced all of these things, The people who are doing it for us now who Do these services for us now? I have realized that they don't have our best interest at hand often mostly so it means that we basically outsource these very important things of birthing and pregnancy and education and and all of this like medicine and but From what I see the other side who's like doing these services for us have only profits and on their mind So which which which is a natural?

Thing if we are living in a capital system I I don't even blame them really like I don't even blame them that they're Optimizing for profit because we let them optimize for profit because we didn't we didn't put quality assurance aspect to everything they do And, of course, they will naturally optimize for profit because this is the nature of things.

In our system, in our world, we are living in a capitalist world. All of us, or even like many of us, especially in the Western world, are even, I don't know, happy and proud of it that this is how it is.

So, I have realized that food, pharma, traditional medicine system, do not have our interests at heart. So, yes, we've outsourced it because we became too domesticated. We do not know how to make the basic things for us anymore.

We do not know how to garden. We don't know how to grow our own food. We don't know how to birth our own babies. We don't know how to educate our own kids without, I mean, how to structure a school system, which is based on your own values.

And we don't know all of these things anymore. And I would claim to say that by losing all of these basic skills, we have lost the balance. We have lost the balance as women. Since we have lost the balance as women, we have lost the balance as humanity.

Because why do I also, like, target women specifically? Sage, Sistas, I've heard that a lot. So, I believe because, first of all, women, of course, lay close to my heart because I'm a woman, and this whole project is very close to me because I'm a woman.

However, I... I believe that women are the healers. They bring healing to this world. They can heal the planet. So I feel like by targeting women and trying to heal the women, the women will do the rest.

The healed women or the a little bit more healed women will heal their men. They will be healed enough in order to bring healing into their communities, into their families. So the women are bringing healing.

The women are the keepers of community. The women are creators of community and holders of community. Through women, community happens. And I would claim that evil powers of this world do not want us to unite.

They do not want us to live in a flourishing, strong community. Because when we are together, when we are in one community, we are so powerful that we can move mountains. When we just would know the potential of how powerful we are.

It would be astonishing to really imagine a world like that. I'm just tapping it a little bit, I would say like 2% of the potential and I'm already mind blown of what is possible really when you are unchaining yourself from these hundreds of years of trying to be put down and trying to be controlled and trying to be lied to try and poisoned in order for you not to reach the highest human potential firstly and secondly I also believe that there is a directed effort to not let women mobilize because we see this in every culture.

In every culture of the world we see women suppressed, discriminated against and if you think that in a western world it's not the case then that's a lie. It's just we've been tricked into believing that we are liberated in a western world but actually we are doing what?

We actually gave away the most valuable thing, it's our integrity, our dignity and now we are like what? Tindering every day and if I'm opening the TV everybody is naked for some reason all the time and having horns and TV awards or whatever Grammy awards with the Devils and only devil worship I see, only naked women with big butts and big nails and standing for what really and it's okay to fuck someone else every day, it's okay.

I don't know where this is supposed to go, I mean I don't know what we have actually you could say liberated ourselves from it only it looks to me that we kind of like it I don't know it looks like a trap really it really does look like a trap so I do it's the same forces who who are poisoning us and who are tricking us and who are lying to us who are lying to us about women's liberation I believe that feminism is amazing and that feminism is important and that we need feminism because women are suppressed everywhere in the world however we would need to think about what type of feminism do we want what type of equality do we want what type of equilibrium we want between that male and women this whatever I see now or whatever I had really right before I came to Egypt is did not liberate me of course I'm free are in my mind however it's a different prison they put on you and it's It's a different prison, they will make sure that there is a cage around your head, one way or another.

So they tricked us into needing to have careers, preferring careers over children and a family. I'm not saying a woman should not work, I love to work, however, let's put priorities straight here, it's not more important to work for women not to have kids than having kids.

If she doesn't want it, it's a different question, but it's not more important. Working is not more important, you're not going to take it anywhere, this work, but bringing new life into this world, which is actually decreasing, the population is decreasing, unlike you think maybe, and you've been told about that we are actually overpopulating this world, that's not true.

Check out Elon Musk, he's talking about it a lot, and that actually the world population is decreasing. So I do believe that women can heal the planet, this is why I'm targeting women, because I really want them to be healed as they want, within the areas of they need.

This is why we at SageSisters want to provide lots of different options in ways which hopefully one of them or two of them or three of them or whatever will be something which is speaking to you, and I'm sure also that you are already on your journey, because otherwise you would not have ended up here.

So you are already on your journey, you are already a wonderful spiritual being on your journey growing and discovering herself and already understanding that something is maybe not okay for this world, so this is why you even ended up here from the first You would not have ended up here if nothing of this is resonating with you.

So our main slogan is heal and be wild again. So exactly, I want to go, how to say, take a couple of steps back from this domestication we are in and go back to basic, connect with nature to remember where we are from and that we're spiritual beings full of potential and love.

One of the main amazing things here at the farm, we have a new family living with us who is helping us with the farm. So we have a little farmhouse and it's meant for the farmer of the farm. So this Egyptian family moved in here with their three children and honestly I have never interacted with people probably, I mean on a regular basis, interacted with people this...

raw and this close to nature, this poor also really, I have to say, admittedly, I have not. I grew up in Berlin in a beautiful apartment and I'm born in Ukraine, but also then my mom spent with me like the first three years and was ironing my cotton diapers and bleaching them every day in a boiling pot, this is what she did.

So these kids grew up without diapers, they have not even mattresses really, so it's so grounding and healing to spend time with them because I have not really seen this life, I have not experienced this life.

I mean, my daughters grew up with it, for them it's going to be natural, thank God, because I'm so proud of that, to live around the fire, to be living from the fire, to make your food on the fire, to live outside essentially.

But I didn't have that, I'm new to this and I also feel how it makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable here and there, of course, this is not my nature, this is outside of my comfort zone, I'm not from here, I'm not from that.

I'm not sure that, I don't know whether there were many people where I'm from who did not have mattresses, I don't know. So it's very healing and very interesting to spend time with them and see how they live and I'm proud that my daughters are spending time with them on a daily basis as well.

we are here. So yeah, say sisters also aims to connect the isolated sisters who are surrounded by mainstream majority, but for some reason decided to free birthday babies. And everybody said that they're crazy.

I have my dear friend who did that. And this is where also like this targeting came from. This is when I decided that these women are out there and they need help, they need support, they need the hand to be reaching out to them.

And this is what we're trying to do. We are trying to reach out to these women who are out there, surrounded by mainstream, not knowing exactly what they feel different and why they see things different because it's not quite clear to them, however they do.

they maybe not know anybody else who thinks like them and they're not connected not me probably not maybe online however this is how I was like through during my second pregnancy I connected with communities online and also I only did not really connected with the communities I did not contribute to the communities in any way I just like was reading and listening to their podcasts and podcasts and finding lots of women on Instagram where I draw my knowledge from and eventually decided to have a free birth but there was no exchange basically to the other side like I did not connect with them really I didn't take their courses which were costing a thousand dollars which I also want to say that sage sisters is really it's really important for me that it's accessible because through my journey on the online communities of the conscious world I feel that lots of the stuff is not accessible they give you bits and pieces in the podcast they give you bits and pieces in the content however if you want to go deeper and relearn then bomb a thousand dollars this is really outrageous if you believe that you are a woman who is helping wants to help the planet and helps the community of women around the world don't charge a thousand dollars for a recorded video course that's very very very outrageously rude so I really want sage sisters to be accessible for now it's totally gonna be free and we do plan of course also a type of monetization because I want to be able to pay the sisters who are contributing to this community -led project however this not going to be now, later we're planning to have interesting projects like for example a healer's bazaar where we would have a marketplace in which healers can open an account.

We don't exactly know how it's going to work with a subscription or not or any any way. However a marketplace for healers where healers can offer their services on a platform and you can you don't need to find your gene during your medicine practitioner in one place and your free birth consultant in the second place.

You have to kind of like gather them together in your Instagram accounts that's not very convenient in my opinion so I want them to be able to use the same platform. And there, for like a reasonable price, you will be, it's a one -stop shop for all the alternative, holistic ways of healing yourself.

That's one project. Another project we plan, we're already kind of like launching it hopefully this week. I mean the process of creating it, we're not launching it this week, the process of creating it with wonderful sisters is basically kind of like a social network board, Sageboards.

I should also say probably something about the name, Sage Sisters, Sageboards, Sage. Sage is a wonderful herb according to Native American system. It's the master herb of so many problems you can get relief from with Sage.

It has purifying powers. It literally kind of, there is a physical process you can somehow measure that it cleans the air from, I don't know, bad energies, but also from just stuffy air, which is actually making us sick.

One of the 80% of all your health problems, especially in the winter, you can try to reduce by just airing your house well. And so Sage, yes, also I smoke Sage, I love smoking Sage, I'm a big herb smoker.

And I smoke Sage in order to purify myself. I stopped smoking cigarettes and I'm very happy that I'm not addicted to cigarettes anymore. Sage was the most wonderful substitution for me. In the beginning, I don't know, if you are thinking into it and stuff you're getting, like, I don't know, like in the organic market, it seems to be a little dry sometimes, so just add a little peel of a linen, tiny peel into a closed jar and then it's much nicer to smoke, it doesn't hurt in the throat too much.

And then sisters, of course, sisters is clear. Sage, sisters, and sage also, from what I understand, is also like someone who holds wisdom, the sage, so it fits on so many levels. It also sounds good, sage, sisters, sage, sisters, so sage boards is the other product we are planning, which is basically boards, beautiful boards generated with some interesting AI technology where you can share basically your manual to your conscious life.

We want to be sharing our stuff. This is like we're going to be having all the normal channels, YouTube and Instagram and the blog and so on. However, I also want to curate it beautifully within a sage board, which you can share online as a webpage and to your friends and family where you can upload and share your meditations, the stuff you are into at the moment, your videos, your wisdom, your practice, your recipes, your courses, everything you're just like at the moment at in your life.

You can create different ones. The community can create different ones. You can exchange, et cetera, et cetera. It's like a kind of like a social social social network for conscious manuals. This is the idea we're going to be hopefully starting this week.

Insha 'Allah. Yep. So that's about where we are, where we had it. Kind of what are we planning for. This is what we are planning for you. We're planning for you to give you lots of wisdom, lots of knowledge, the free resources, exercises, recipes, wisdom, knowledge, everything which is entailing a better, more conscious life, bringing you more to your essence, to your core, to balance, to your equilibrium, as well as products which are tailored exactly for the need of this community.

Later on, community, community, community. Only if I knew how to grow an online community. I'm really not coming from this background. So this is a little bit like call out to you, to the community. if you know how to grow a community, help me to grow the community.

If you resonate with the cause of Sage Sisters, reach out to me, find me. We have an Instagram channel, sage .cistas, with A. You're welcome to contribute there, find me there, or visit our blog, sagecisters .com together with an A also.

This is really important for me that you know that it's a community -led project that everybody's welcome to contribute, everybody's welcome to reach out to me, that I really try to listen to everybody and everybody's welcome to bring herself and because this is like the vision of the project, that it's a community -led project that because Because this wisdom book is really, it has an aspect of community to it because through the generations, through the actually millennia, women added to the wisdom books, their experiences, their knowledge, their wisdom, and then it was taken from us.

So it is supposed to be actually a community -led wisdom book, which we are all working together. If you have ideas also of how I can do stuff differently, of course, very, very, very welcome to share and heal.

So this is the point about community, and I think really that this is the most, like the heart that I really want to give the sisterhood back to people. I don't want us to feel isolated, depressed, frustrated, helpless anymore.

I want to feel that you are part of a bigger thing in this world, that you're not alone, that you're not helpless, you're not. Everybody wants you to feel that you're helpless, but you're not, because if you only knew how much power we have when we unite, then you would not feel this way at all.

So what are the topics you can expect to see here? Like what is it, what is it, what is missing at the moment in the society in my opinion? So of course it's going to have like a strong backbone in terms of like practice, like yoga, I hope to get to do a couple of things.

oral yoga exercises, meditation exercises, breathwork exercises, recipes, nutrition, cooking all of these stuff like to make it easier for us to have healthy cooked meals on regular basis like I'm a very passionate cook so it's also very challenging for me to have freshly cooked food for ourselves with two little children however there are certain techniques in order to really improve this this process then of course I want to talk about a herbalism and natural remedies and have actually like a separate type of section in the blog where we explain every herb what is it good for in terms of how the healing process works, how can it support your system, what organs are supported by it, how to make your kids take it, can you smoke it, what does it do to you when you smoke it?

A really good, interesting, in -depth directory of herbs I'm planning to make on the block sides of such systems, including natural remedies. How are you able to help yourself and help your family? Because really I found myself in a tight spot when I kind of said I don't want to go to doctors anymore, I don't want to bring my kids to doctors anymore, every time I'm going to doctors they just prescribe me antibiotics.

But there was a vacuum for a bit here where I did not go to doctors, but I did not really know how to support my children and myself and my family. So originally women were also the healers of their families, so it was not like some doctor, it was the women who were in charge of healing everybody.

And then when all this knowledge got burned basically, so naturally it created a vacuum, we did not know how to heal ourselves. And this is how traditional medicine came into life, where everything is disconnected, where we do not have a knowledge of a holistic system of our body anymore.

We think that we just need to treat the symptoms and we have a pill for every ache, however we do not know why the ache is there from the beginning. So the whole basic understanding of health and medicine is completely rigged.

I do not go to doctors anymore, not because I don't trust them, just because they learned what they learned based on my opinion, false paradigms. or on complete paradigms so this is how I cannot trust their judgment because they do not look at the body as a holistic system one and secondly I believe that every disease has their has their origin in emotional shocks according to germany medicine this is you will see lots of content about germany medicine in the blog because I find it extremely empowering to understand that emotional shocks emotional conflicts are responsible for my health situation at the end of the day and not only mine also the one of my children So I really encourage you to check out Germany Medicine series I am doing in the blog.

I'm really trying to do my best to summarize it as much as possible because the content is really difficult to understand on the Germany Medicine website. We're diving into the five biological laws and then I created five biological laws of how basically health works.

And then I'm diving into a couple of blog posts about sinuses and skin for now. I wanted to cover simple things which all of us are basically struggling with in order to understand what it is and why is it coming to us.

So yeah, I really recommend you to check it out. So we have a completely different understanding of medicine and other topics I really want to discuss and see somatic dance, somatic therapy. It's like therapy through movement basically.

Dance is very important for our feminine nature, for our godly energy. It's part of who we are as women. It's really important for us to move. And we are able to reduce trauma and blocks in our body by just moving.

And it's like a very healing practice. So I would like to bring this closer to the people of Sage Sisters and everybody else of course who wants. And I'm also striving to dance more. Just in their everyday life just put some music and dance a little bit, shake it off, you feel much better after.

Another topic I really... Also, Hold Very Dear is sound healing and voice, how to say it, voice development. It's incredible how deep this topic is. And I do believe that everything in this universe is basically sound and that sound is the basis for everything.

So, we are getting into chakras here and how we can develop our throat chakra in order to speak our truth more. And this is also very healing practice to develop your voice. I have not known about it, honestly, how important it is to develop that.

And I started doing it basically by accident when I was singing songs to my daughters. And in the beginning I was just singing normal songs and then I started to... to make the songs more expressive or change the style of the song, make a jazz version of the song or make an opera version of the song.

And since I was doing it every day, I kind of like started developing my voice, really, and opening my throat chakra. I did not really know that, but it felt right, it felt good to me, it felt correct.

So this is how I kind of stumbled upon it, and then when I started developing it already, I stumbled upon lots of content, which is talking about developing throat chakra, how this manifests into your life, how you start to speak your truth more, and even though you think, oh, I'm not lying about anything really, but you don't speak your truth neither.

And although I'm like continuously on this project, on this mission, I see every day, every day, every day, every day, every day how more and more and more true this is to me that I started to speak my truth more and how amazing it feels and how liberating it is and how much weight is off my shoulders just to be able to be honest about certain things.

And it's really something, if you would have asked me before, like two years ago, I don't know, you would have told me what I'm telling you today. I would have said, oh, I have no problem with that. I am like speaking my truth, but no, you're not really speaking your truth to yourself even.

You don't even know all the time what is the full extent of your truth. And it's really fascinating how this is like an explorational process which keeps unfolding and folding. So, yes, I'm planning to do some content about sound healing and explaining that more, how also certain frequencies, these are actually healing to us on DNA level.

It repairs ourselves. Basically, instruments are healing instruments to us. The organ in the church was actually sound healing back in the day. People would get into the church in order to heal and to hear the organ playing.

Same like every other instrument. There's lots to unpack here in this topic. Then we have the whole topic of period, health, why you should love your period. We have already amazing posts about that written by lovely Samira and fertility and reproduction.

So period health, what is the period, understanding it, celebrating it, why is it important to have a good attitude towards your period, linking it back to germany medicine concepts that if you hate something and you're like every time you have your period you're like damn I have a period again that this is also a very important cause for your PMS and for your period to actually be shitty because you are not looking forward to it, you have part of, this is part of a holistic system in the body, everything you think is very important on your reality.

You create your reality with your thoughts because whatever you think you say and whatever you say you do. So if you think bad, you talk bad, you do bad. But if you think good, you do bad, sorry, you think good, you speak good, you do good and your reality is good.

It's really simple, as simple as that. So you should not think bad about your period. There's so much mystery around your blood, your period blood. You can totally rebrand your period into an amazing event which is happening every month where your body gives you the opportunity to detoxify, to rest, to start your cycle again.

The nature of us being cyclical beings, that we are not embracing it today in our modern world, that we are not celebrating this, we are hiding it, we are ashamed for it, we are period is a taboo topic, period is a nuisance, it's annoying.

All of this is really bad for our essence because... But we are not dirty. We are not like, this is not something to be hidden. This is not something to be shamed of. Even PMS, honestly, I came to believe that PMS is actually a response by your body in order to address things which you find annoying.

That most of the months, you're not disturbed by these things. These things you're disturbed about when you have PMS. They are there for a reason. And you didn't just make them up, right? I mean, it feels like, oh, you're PMS -ing again.

You're homing again. However, the things I'm addressing during my PMS, I totally don't address them in the right way. There's no doubt about that. I'm fucking furious. And however, the things I do wanna address, they have their place to be.

I just didn't make them up. So I do believe that the things you wanna talk about while you have your PMS are very important. However, we just need to find a way to... to do it in a way, which is not too traumatizing for our environment.

So fertility, very big topic, which you can, like for many people is a very big topic, which you can, in my opinion, really like improve by having the right lifestyle, right nutrition, right attitude.

There's so many things which you can do in this topic, which is not. Offered by the mainstream medicine, reproduction and conscious conception. Also very deep topic. You can talk for hours and hours only about, only about that.

Um, of course, nutrition is a very big topic I want to add, like, and add healthy nutrition into your everyday life. What we eat is what we are, right? So, um, I feel there is a very big wrong misconception about, uh, what is healthy, what is not, um, and what things are actually beneficial to you and to your children, to your family and what's not.

So I would love to get into that, uh, and, and, uh, share my view about, uh, what nutrition is good and bad for you, especially from the perspective of living on the farm and having access to certain things other people don't have access to, like how can, how, how can we try to get back to basics if you have to go to the supermarket and, and just buy the products from there and you can't just go and I don't know, like, uh, milk a goat and, uh, make some goat cheese.

So connect it to dad. You're also going to be hearing about gardening, regenerative farming, sustainability, homesteading. This is also a very big topic for us. We live on the farm, so we apply regenerative farming, we are trying to regenerate this piece of desert, which we have here in the Sinai Desert, we have also a podcast episode about that.

You can feel free to go back and listen to the episode I'm having together with my husband about what we're doing here at the farm. We try to regenerate the soil. We try not to do organic farming because organic farming is like monocorrupt farming, just without the chemical pesticides and fertilizers, but actually regenerate it, make it life again, put life back to the soil and create a food forest eventually.

our children have food security in 10 -15 years because we don't really know where we're going and So yeah, this is a big topic close to my heart regenerative farming and then of course Everything with homesteading coming to it homesteading pickling making cheeses All of this stuff is also important for me.

What can you eat? How can you grow? What can you grow on your little balcony in your city apartment? What can you grow in your tiny garden? It's incredible how amazing what amazing things people accomplished to grow in a very small space and Really having food security for their families chickens eggs Having holding yet having chickens in your garden.

It's amazing. It's just amazing to to hear them pop pop pop all the time This is a home sustainability making organic laundry detergents chemical free Cleaning supplies for your house. So your children do not need to wear anything Which was washed in chemical Laundry detergents that you don't need to sleep in sheets which were washed in chemical longitude and all of this stuff is toxic The cleaning supplies for your house are toxic awful for your health like a normal woman Today in the Western world is exposed to 180 different toxins every day through her lifestyle of sleeping in her sheets Wearing her chemically washed clothes washing the dishes with chemical soap Washing her house with chemical soap putting chemical tampons and tampons in her vagina or or pads eating foods which are full of chemicals and preservatives and dyes and taking chemical pills from the pseudocles against her problems.

Basically every day you're nuking your system, nuking your system. The ultimate nuke is antibiotics and chemotherapy. But even without going into these radical places, even just the normal lifestyle is full of toxins.

And I feel that nobody is really aware of that and that's important to underline. So yes, try to reduce as much as possible of course. Seed oils, pure toxic shit. Seed oils are what the corn oil, soy oil.

soybean oil, sunflower oil, with a chemical highly toxic process, the oils are being pressed out of these very tight seeds, I mean think about it, how difficult it must be, so they add chemicals, they add lots of heat, this is really bad for us, for our gut health, it irritates our gut, it's lowering immunity, it's highly inflammatory, so all of this is everywhere, in every type of food you can imagine, which you're buying packaged, you will have seed oils, in every restaurant you're gonna go, everything will be fried and prepared with seed oils, so yeah, this is some stuff also very important for me, then I also like to talk about circadian rhythms and hormones, circadian rhythm is basically the rhythm, I had a little technical issue so I'm gonna continue with the topics, circadian rhythm is the rhythm of us humans basically, because there is a hormonal component to the fact that you wake up and you see the sunlight in the morning, like when the sunlight comes up and there is a logic to it that you sleep and wake up with sunset and sunrise, we are at the moment like egg -laying chicken, like my husband likes to say, we've been reprogrammed like egg -laying chickens to be more productive and working at night basically, because we are within the industrial world and this is how it's comfortable for the system.

However, there is a measurable effect of health when you wake up the sunset and go to sleep after a couple of hours after sunset, sorry, when you wake up the sunrise, I said. So there, you see that the hormones are working correctly.

And then also not we are only not going to bed when we're supposed to, but we are also like sitting in our blue light phone, which is equaling to a day in June in the middle of the day when you don't have your blue light shut off at night, very bad.

So many, many women have just weight problems because of hormonal, this balance of the circadian rhythm, just by reducing white light and waking up in the morning and seeing the light in the morning.

And the first slide, hitting your retina in the eyes because the retina in the eyes are absorbing the amount of light and it can measure it that it's the first light and this is like what produces certain hormones which are very beneficial for us.

Look I'm also not waking up in the sunset but I did for a while when my daughters were waking up with sunset and honestly I felt amazing. I felt amazing. I loved it. It's a dream of mine to be able to wake up easily and happily at 5 36 in the morning and go to bed at 10 max.

However you know life is also happening to me. So this is stuff I find really interesting and I want to put more light into it. Then of course we're going to be talking about religion, spirituality, Islam, other religions.

Islam is particularly interesting to me because I live in Egypt now and I'm discovering it for myself. So I find certain things extremely interesting here which I like to share with the world because also coming from the west I knew nothing about Islam.

Nothing when I came here. It's actually I remember religious studies in school. We had Judaism and Christianity. We did not have anything about Islam. We did not study Islam in school. So I feel that the average western person never mind whether they're religious or not, atheist or not knows nothing about Islam.

They dangerously nothing which is kind of ignorant a little bit because I would say that soon Islam in a couple years, 10s or 20 years, I don't know will probably be the biggest religion on the planet.

So I do think it's very important to know more about Islam. and about their practices and many many practices in Islam I find very recommending also for spiritual for this for every spiritual journey fasting praying and and the approach to cleansing and washing and eating like there's so much wisdom in so many things about the way of life I'm also trying to I'm also trying to unpack it for myself from the perspective of feminism and progressive and Islam basically I'm trying to understand is there something like Muslim feminism so you can expect us to speak and talk about feminism Muslim feminism progressive Islam, progressive values in Islam, and of course there's lots of patriarchy here, too, and I'm not gonna shy away to speak about it.

So it's a very important topic, and I feel there's not enough people talking about it. I'm like, when I was researching progressive Islam, Muslim feminism, honestly, I found the output very, very modest.

Like, I think it totally screams for more content and more guidance because I feel it's a little, how to say, difficult to find answers about female ancient wisdom in a system which is 1 ,500 years of man interpreting and teaching and preaching it.

So yeah, there's lots of unpacking, lots of research here to do, lots of talks. I hope we get to speak about it more. So yeah, let's say in the nutshell the topics we can expect. I'm sure there will be much more.

Of course, everything is under the umbrella of female empowerment and bringing wisdom back to us. Of course, I mean within also the topic of period fertility or production, like free birth, wild pregnancy, all of these stuff you know from my previous podcasts are very, very, very close to me.

So yeah, going back to basics, heal and be wild again. So thank you so much for listening today and I hope I was able to explain Sage Sisters a bit better to you and please reach out to me if you want to contribute in any way.

Everybody's welcome. I will leave my email and the way you can contact me in the episode description. And yeah, have a lovely day.