Wild Pregnancy: My Natural and Unmonitored Pregnancy Experience

Reasons for choosing a wild pregnancy-SageSistas
Reasons for choosing a wild pregnancy-SageSistas

I'm excited to share my "wild pregnancy" experience with you. A wild pregnancy, a term popularized by the Free Birth Society, is an unmonitored and unmedicalized pregnancy. It means choosing a natural, intuitive approach to bringing life into the world without conventional medical interventions.

My decision to have a wild pregnancy was a conscious and thoughtful choice. Unlike my first unexpected pregnancy, my husband and I intentionally decided to create life this time. We felt deeply connected to the process and each other.

This choice wasn't about rejecting modern medicine entirely but about listening to my body and allowing the pregnancy to unfold naturally. It was about empowering myself and reclaiming birth as a powerful, natural experience.

In sharing my journey, I hope to explain why I chose a wild pregnancy and the personal and spiritual growth I experienced along the way.

What Is "Wild Pregnancy"?

A wild pregnancy, a term popularized by the Free Birth Society, refers to an unmonitored and unmedicalized pregnancy. This approach defies conventional medical intervention and embraces a more natural, intuitive way of bringing life into this world.

Reasons For Choosing A Wild Pregnancy

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Reason #1: Conscious Conception

Reasons for choosing a wild pregnancy-SageSistas

I want to share my experience with consciously conceiving my second baby. My husband and I made a deliberate decision to bring new life into the world, and it was a profoundly different experience from my first, unplanned pregnancy. This time, we felt a deep sense of purpose and connection during the conception process, knowing exactly what we were doing and why.

The emotional and spiritual significance of this conscious choice was incredible. We created a unique bond with our baby even before birth. It brought a sense of responsibility, love, and anticipation that enriched the entire pregnancy. I felt a spiritual connection to my baby, describing it as a "mind-opening, super spiritual, close-to-God experience." This conscious approach allowed me to embrace the pregnancy with peace and confidence.

In contrast, my first pregnancy was a complete surprise. Conceived with an IUD in place, it was a shock that brought uncertainty and anxiety. While I eventually embraced motherhood, the initial emotions were vastly different from the calm and readiness I felt with my second, planned pregnancy. Consciously conceiving allowed us to start this journey with intention, mindfulness, and a deeper connection to our baby.

Reason #2: Trusting Your Body

One of the most significant decisions I made during my wild pregnancy was to avoid medical tests and interventions. I chose to trust my body and its natural ability to carry and birth my baby. This decision stemmed from my belief that pregnancy is a natural process, not a medical condition that requires constant monitoring.

Trusting my body brought a remarkable sense of peace. In my first pregnancy, the numerous tests and doctor visits added unnecessary anxiety and stress. This time, I felt confident in my body's ability to tell me if something was wrong. By tuning into my own instincts and listening to my body's signals, I maintained a calm and positive mindset throughout the pregnancy.

My perspective on pregnancy shifted significantly. I no longer viewed it as a condition that needed to be managed by medical professionals. Instead, I embraced it as a natural, empowering experience. This approach allowed me to focus on maintaining a peaceful state of mind, which I believe is crucial for a healthy pregnancy. Trusting my body was liberating and reinforced my connection to the natural process of bringing new life into the world.

Reason #3: Avoiding Unnecessary Medical Interventions

Reasons for choosing a wild pregnancy-SageSistas

Reflecting on my first pregnancy, I realized how unnecessary medical interventions negatively impacted my mental and physical well-being. The constant tests, ultrasounds, and doctor visits created a sense of dependency on the medical system and often led to anxiety and stress.

During my first pregnancy, I was told I might need a C-section because my baby was estimated to be very large. This caused me significant worry. However, my baby arrived naturally and healthy, three weeks later than predicted, and was much smaller than the doctors had anticipated. This experience showed me how often medical interventions are based on estimates and probabilities rather than the unique reality of each pregnancy.

For my second pregnancy, I chose to avoid these interventions. I believed deeply in my body's natural ability to carry and birth my baby without constant medical oversight. This decision helped me maintain a positive and calm mindset, free from the stress and fear that often accompany medicalized pregnancies. By avoiding unnecessary interventions, I felt more in control and empowered throughout my pregnancy journey.

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Reason #4: Reducing Stress For A Healthier Pregnancy

A peaceful state of mind is crucial for a successful pregnancy. I noticed a clear correlation between my mental state and how smoothly my pregnancy progressed. By avoiding medical tests and interventions, I significantly reduced my stress levels, which allowed me to enjoy a more relaxed and positive pregnancy experience.

During my wild pregnancy, I focused on trusting my body and its natural processes. This decision eliminated the anxiety and fear that often accompany frequent medical check-ups and tests. Instead of worrying about every potential issue, I concentrated on maintaining a calm and peaceful mindset.

Mental peace is essential not only for the mother but also for the baby. A stress-free environment contributes to the overall well-being of both. By reducing stress and fostering a tranquil atmosphere, I believe I created the best possible conditions for my baby's development. This approach reinforced the importance of mental and emotional health during pregnancy, highlighting how crucial it is to prioritize peace and relaxation for a healthier pregnancy journey.

Reason #5: The Spiritual And Personal Growth

Reasons for choosing a wild pregnancy-SageSistas

My wild pregnancy was not just a physical journey, but a profound spiritual awakening. Throughout the pregnancy, I felt a deep connection with my baby and the divine, experiencing moments of intense clarity and spiritual insight.

This journey allowed me to connect with my baby on a level I hadn't experienced before. Without the distractions of medical appointments and tests, I had the space to listen to my body and my baby, fostering a strong, intuitive bond. I felt guided by a higher power, which brought me a sense of peace and purpose.

The experience of a wild pregnancy led to significant personal growth. I delved into deeper spiritual practices, explored the nature of our reality, and developed a new understanding of motherhood. This journey transformed my perspective on life, enhancing my empathy, patience, and love.

Embracing a wild pregnancy allowed me to grow in ways I hadn't anticipated, reshaping my identity and preparing me for the profound responsibilities of motherhood. It was a transformative experience that I cherish deeply.

Reason #6: Enhanced Bonding And Empowerment

During my wild pregnancy, not knowing my baby's gender until birth created a unique and intimate bonding experience. This mystery allowed me to connect with my baby as a person, free from any preconceived notions or expectations. Each moment of the pregnancy felt more present and deeply personal.

Taking control of my pregnancy and birth experience was incredibly empowering. By making my own choices and trusting my instincts, I reclaimed my autonomy and embraced my body's natural capabilities. This empowerment extended into the birth itself, where I felt more confident and in tune with my own strength and intuition.

Ready to choose a wild pregnancy? Discover the empowering journey of wild pregnancy and free birthing with insights from @Bauhauswife and @Free Birth Society! Join a supportive community of women who trust their bodies and embrace a natural pregnancy.

The support from the Free Birth Society was invaluable. Being part of a community of like-minded women who shared similar beliefs and experiences provided a sense of belonging and encouragement. Their stories and guidance reinforced my decision to have a wild pregnancy and helped me navigate the journey with confidence and support. This sense of community was a vital part of my empowering and transformative experience.

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Final Words

Choosing a wild pregnancy was one of the most empowering and transformative experiences of my life. By consciously conceiving my baby, trusting my body, avoiding unnecessary medical interventions, reducing stress, embracing spiritual growth, and enhancing my bond with my baby, I created a deeply meaningful and positive pregnancy journey.

I encourage you to consider your own birth choices and explore the potential benefits of a wild pregnancy for a peaceful, empowering, and deeply connected path to motherhood.